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    1132 Industry Road, Lexington, KY 40505

    Laneventure Lane Venture is the choice for the shopper looking for furniture that is both casual and fun. Since 1972, Lane Venture has been showing consumers that quality and casual can coexist in the furniture industry. As a division of one of America's largest furniture resources - Furniture Brands International - Lane Venture is committed to excellence whether you are looking to add to your interior spaces or to furnish outdoor seating areas.

    What to Buy from Lane Venture...

    Innovation is the key to Lane Venture's success. This company is known for their heirloom quality natural wicker built to withstand daily wear and tear. In fact, they were the first to envision high-end wicker products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the little touches that catch your eye, however.

    At Lane Venture, you get:

    Handcrafted finishes
    Hundreds of fabrics to choose from
    Dressmaker details in the cushioning and throw pillows
    Designer braids and trims
    The Indoor/Outdoor Difference

    Lane Venture builds furniture for both the indoor and outdoor fashion markets.

    Their WeatherMaster line for outdoor use relies on the most advanced technologies plus with old world handcrafting to create furniture and accessories that retain their shape and style over the years.

    Other Lane Venture outdoor collections include:

    Camino Real
    Bar Harbor
    Harbor Breeze
    South Hampton
    Chandler Bay

    The Lane Venture Excursions line brings that same sophistication and class indoors. This group features unique styling that will enhance any room with distinctive geometric patterns, eye-catching floral designs and quality finishes. The eclectic look means you can use these pieces to create a focal point for the room.

    For over 40 years, Lane Venture has been furnishing homes with high quality casual products made to endure the test of time. Lane Venture is a leader in fun and fashionable outdoor furnishings, and their indoor collections are conversation pieces that brighten every space. With a reputation for innovation and quality, it is no wonder that Lane Venture stands out in the casual furniture market.